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Flyer Chat is a platform for creating in-app chat experiences using Flutter or React Native. This repository contains chat UI implementation for Flutter.

  • Free, open-source and community-driven. We offer no paid plugins and strive to create an easy-to-use, almost drop-in chat experience for any application. Contributions are more than welcome! Please read our Contributing Guide.

  • Backend agnostic. You can choose the backend you prefer. But if you don't have one, we provide our own free and open-source Firebase implementation, which can be used to create a working chat in minutes. We are also working on our more advanced SaaS and self-hosted solutions.

  • Customizable. Supports custom themes, locales and more. Check our documentation for the info. More options are on the way, let us know if something is missing.

  • Minimum dependencies. Our packages are lightweight. Use your favourite packages for selecting images, opening files etc. See the example for possible implementation.

Getting Started


Dart >=2.18.0 and Flutter >=2.0.0

Read our documentation or see the example project.